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Connect with purpose.

During this time of uncertainty, we hope you and your families are safe and well. Our deepest sympathies are with those who have been touched by this tragedy. We send our endless gratitude to the heroes among us risking their lives for ours—our healthcare workers, first responders, our frontline saviors and our essential workers everywhere.


As the health of our world is in constant flux and our daily normal is ever-changing, we at Wynk have found comfort in the real life shift that is emerging. A shift towards connection. We’re connecting in a real way—beautiful ways—with our families, our communities and people across the world. This connection seems to be the one constant during this time of unprecedented uncertainty. 


Our team at Wynk has made a conscious effort to lean-in to this moment of connection. Working remotely is something we are very comfortable with and have embraced over the years. Our team of talent spans the country, therefore we are well-versed in remote team building and work flow. Right now, personal check-ins and virtual coffee have become something we look forward to and value like never before. A true comfort.


However, there is nothing comfortable about this situation. In this unprecedented crisis we must move out of our comfort zone, dig deep and be collaborative.

Our neighborhoods may be strangely quiet, yet there is more noise than ever. Global brands are trying to connect with messages of reassurance and commitment to clients and shareholders. Which brands will emerge stronger?


The messages that really hit home are those of authenticity­—the messages that show these brands adapting and even more than that, being additive—these are the brands that are connecting and lifting people up. Brands that are rolling up their sleeves and leaning-in with all of us are the brands that will add another layer to their story and will strengthen and forge relationships with customers, shareholders and community. There are so many doing great things right now, the collaboration between Medtronic and Tesla jumps to mind. Oregon and California reaching out to New York, yes! There are too many to list, but we need more.


We are working with our clients to focus their communications and revisit their brand purpose. We suggest taking this time to revisit your marketing strategy and add to your story in a way that speaks to your core values and lifts people up. At this moment we must be intentional with our time and our communications. We must Connect with Purpose.


Be safe and stay connected.

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